Meal prep 4-24-22. Breakfast burritos, Tuna pasta salad, and Chicken soup.

Meal prep 05-01-22. Frittata, Cobb salad, and Mushroom Rice

Meal prep 05-08-22. Yogurt, egg roll in a bowl, and spinach curry

Meal prep 05-15-22. Yogurt, chicken-salad salad, and goulash

Meal prep 05-22-22. Yogurt, chicken peanut salad, shrimp curry, and homemade pickles

Meal prep 05-29-22. Yogurt, General Tso chickpeas, semur tahu

Meal prep 06-19-22. Smoothie, stir-fry, cauliflower soup, nutritional yeast pasta

Meal Prep 8-14-22. Breakfast sandwich, mixed-kid garbage plate, pasta bake

Meal Prep 9-24. Beef and spinach bowl, macaroni bake