Meal Prep Week 5-29-22 -> 6/4/22

Breakfast: Yogurt and Granola. Still works like a charm! I am still hungry at work though so I need to add something.

Lunch: fucked-it-up General Tso Style Veggies

Basically combined chickpeas, a freezer bag of stirfry veg, and a bag of coleslaw shreds to a wok and made a tomato paste + peanut butter + soy/mirin sauce thickened with cornstarch. I should have added broth to the sauce and thickened it from there but I forgot.... sooooo...

Recipe would have benefited from peanuts and initially-roasted chickpeas.

Dinner: semur tahu. It's an indonesian sweet nutmeggy braise. Extra firm tofu, collard greens, canned green beans, (some boiled eggs would have been great), onion garlic ginger, spice packet, cornstarch, and water.

Review: Pretty good! I had miso soup on deck if I needed it. I wasn't as excited about the semur as I was for the shrimp, so I might deadass just make the shrimp again this week because I know it worked.