Meal Prep 5/15/22

Breakfast: Yogurt and kencko brand fruit smoothie

Thoughts: Yogurt continues to win. I'm trying those shakey shakey kencko smoothies and they taste TERRIBLE and I don't like them. But when I need to stave off hunger and feel hydrated during work I can take a sip and feel okay. Plus they're low-cal.

Lunch: Parmesan-chicken-salad salad

Thoughts: ANOTHER FUCKIN' WINNER!! OK so bake chicken and cut that up. Add 3:1 greek yogurt:mayo. Then add basil, parmesan, radishes, red onion, garlic, salt, pepper, and lemon. Pair with salad greens. Amazing. Looked forward to it every day. Tasted a little funky on the last day though.

Dinner: Goulash

Thoughts: Tasty until I added the mac, which sucked up all the juice and made this an unwanted dish all week. I keep fucking losing on the dinners, come on. Anyways, mushrooms, potatoes, onion, garlic, beef, paprika, more paprika, more than that, cornstarch, and wine. Keep the mac separate then plate together per serving.


Two for three! I'm going to add a midday meal for right after I get home from work and then a light dinner.

Cost: $100, I'm not sure what happened here.