(personal wiki) how to use my health and dental insurance

OK, new health insurance from work. Let's fucking go. I've been hanging out here on state healthcare (which isn't bad as far as state healthcare goes) for several years so let's actually figure out how this works

When Having A Medical Procedure

- might need preapproval

-- if I don't get approved I think I can use my state health insurance as a backup.

- register at (bookmarked on browser) to locate a list of services that need pre-auth. icky!!

- explanation of benefits is on same portal

How to get healthcare

- Click "find care" on that same website

- can get electronic insurance ID on website

Okay so I have dental too fuck yes

- go to (bookmarked link in browser) to find a dentist. make an account to access digital ID and see costs, etc.

- I have an extra card? There's only one of me. I guess I'll hold onto it.