Okay, so something you don't do with a wok is put it in the dishwasher. Lesson learned. Hot water and a steel wool pad did the trick, and now the wok definitely looks broken in.

Usually, to break in a wok, apparently you should superheat it in areas at a time over a gas flame. I have an electric stove and live in a first floor apartment... so... no. Anyways, the superheating causes the black-blue look from my shiny silver wok at current.

Maybe I should put up a Lex ad or a Facebook post about wanting to borrow someone's gas flame, or backyard, so I can season my wok nicely. Or maybe I can wait.

But wait, my wok is nonstick already. So is this just a nicely shaped pot and not a real wok? I have absolutely no idea. I wish I read the label better when I went heart-eyes at Uwajimaya. Well... based on these pictures it's probably a wok. I wonder if I'll be okay if I don't season it for a while.

My total cookware is a Dutch Oven (Staub, bought on a very unbelievable sale), a Lodge cast iron (graduation gift), and the wok (holiday gift). I hope they'll be all I need, but I'm probably going to add a casserole dish and a baking tray to the mix eventually.